Why Blue Ocean Window Cleaning?

I recently had a lady say “I hear you’re ‘pricey’… can you tell me why?” I was a bit surprised, even taken aback, but I took a moment, thought about “why?” and then made these points with her.

  1. We deliver!  We have a byword “We promise and we deliver”  We do all we can to be people, a company, that keep it’s word and it’s word is it’s bond.
  2. We stand behind the work we do.  If we break something, miss something, fail to perform in any way that is in fact a falling short on our part…we make it right, even to our loss.
  3. Fair wages for the Team Members.  To get people who will stay for years they have to be compensated, treated fairly, have opportunities for growth, and work in an environment where morale is high.  We pay well because our Team Member produce, and they produce while maintaining very high standards.  We get 5 star ratings on nearly every job and that won’t happen with poorly paid inexperienced Team Members.  They have to be paid a fair wage or they go elsewhere and turnover costs can be significant in this business. Experience matters to our customers.  They can rest easy and have confidence when they sense experience and see vehicles and equipment consistent with a professional operation.
  4. Safety is emphasized and it costs to stress safety and abide by the law in regard to safe operations. This emphasis protects the Team Member, our companies viability, and your interests.
  5. Responsiveness:  Another byword for us is “Responsive and Responsible.”  It takes planning and resources to live up to this commitment.  We are known for being problem solvers, the “go to guys” when someone needs action on a project.  Again, It takes planning and resources to live up to this commitment.
  6. We are kind of “old school.”  We use modern technology and equipment but bring a mentality to our customers that puts customer service and satisfaction ahead of profit.  That approach makes us a little “pricey” sometimes. But, like I’ve said many times, “I have learned that people would rather pay a bit more and feel great about the finished product than save a few dollars and feel they didn’t get good value.”

Thanks for reading. ☺

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Window Washing Business Gleams Despite Tough Economy

Well…beginning year number 9 and I ran across this article in the local paper that featured a story about a new window cleaner in the area. In 2019 we will break all the records! Thank you to all who made it possible.

​This article – “Window Washing Business Gleams Despite Tough Economy” was originally written by Debbie Hatch for The Peninsula Beacon


Paul Pate puts the polish into a job as owner of Blue Ocean Window Cleaning. 
The exceptional views from Point Loma and Ocean Beach give homeowners something to brag about — but not if they are looking through dirty windows.

With that in mind, Paul Pate, owner of Blue Ocean Window Cleaning, offers a service to help homeowners maximize their views.

“It’s amazing to me the psychological difference it makes for people when their windows are clean,” Pate said.

Dirt left on a window can eat away at the surface, causing damage over time, especially in San Diego where salt and moisture are environmental factors. Pate suggests homeowners have their windows cleaned at least once a year.

Most homeowners have no idea how dirty their windows are until they have them cleaned, Pate said.

“Everything gets dirty around a window or window frame, and it will get taken care of,” Pate said of his services.

His business includes the cleaning of windowsills, window frames and screens. He also offers the option of having solar panels cleaned.

“There’s nothing fancy about it,” Pate said. “It’s just something that people forget about.”

The effectiveness of the solar panels is increased as the result of cleaning, he added.

Pate and a business partner started a window-washing service in the early 1980s. Over time, the company branched out into landscaping. After six years, the duo amicably split the business into two separate entities.  Pate took the landscaping portion and ran with it for 24 years.

In 2005, the economy forced Pate to close his landscaping business and he began working in sales.

Recently, Pate decided to revive his window-washing business as a side job, but word of mouth spread — and now, his side business is taking off.

He said his business ethics, conscientious behavior and dependability are the characteristics of his business; traits he believes are keeping him booked.

“They can expect me to show up on time and do the job at a competitive price,” Pate said.

Pate and his wife are both graduates of Point Loma Nazarene University and have lived in Point Loma for more than 25 years. 

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THE UNANSWERABLE COSMIC QUESTION… How much will my window cleaning cost?

People frequently call and ask “How much to clean my windows?” and I can never tell them without a lot of questions from me and even then I probably need to go see the property. Here are the questions I need answers too.

  • Is it a single story or 2 story building?
  • Inside and outside window cleaning, or only exterior cleaning?
  • Will I have to climb on the roof? What type roof is it if I have to go on the roof?
  • When were the windows last cleaned outside?
  • When were the windows last cleaned inside?
  • Are the tracks quite clean or very dirty?
  • Are there screens on the windows, if so what percentage of the windows have screens?
  • What type of screens are they? (Some screens have locking mechanisms)
  • How many large screens and how large? (Large screens are difficult to handle and clean)
  • Are most of the windows large or small in size or a mixed amount of varied sizes?
  • Are their obstructions to working inside (dressers/beds/knick knacks/etc.)?
  • Are there trees/ large shrubs (obstructions) outside that block ladder usage?
  • Can we use our pure water system and avoid ladder climbing?
  • Is the house on a canyon that effectively makes it a 3 or 4 story house?
  • If there are windbreaks or skylights…do you want them cleaned and how many? Outside only?
  • Are the windows tinted? What type of tint is on them?
  • Is the cleaning post construction or post remodeling cleaning? (post construction-TOUGH)
  • Do we have to walk on a “dangerous” arrangement like a ledge 3’ wide to access any windows?
  • Fallbrook or Pt. Loma (The distance issue)?

This is a partial list but it helps one to understand the difficulty of quoting a per pane price.  We will gladly provide a written estimate at no charge and then you can determine if it makes sense for you.

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Cobweb Removal… Why worry about it?

Cobwebs aren’t just unsightly, they can quickly be a large-scale problem. Whether it’s one spider or hundreds of baby spiders, they can quickly call your window eaves, window frames and doorways home. And don’t be fooled, these problems don’t stay outside. Open windows, torn screens, open doors, vents and more can be an invitation for a spider to come inside and weave their web. Don’t let your property become a home for spiders, take care of those cobwebs! 

Follow these steps for a clean and simple cobweb removal: 

  • Purchase an extension pole and a web removal at any big box store to remove the cobwebs. You can also use a long handled broom, too.
  • Go around your property and knock down any webs you see. Be sure to pay attention to the underside of your roof and window frames, as spiders tend to favorite these areas.
  • Keep your eye around areas of your property for the next week or so, and knock down any cobwebs that reappear.
  • You can also use the extension pole and web removal inside to get to any hard to reach cobwebs. Search for angled areas, like the corner of your ceiling.

​Take care of those spiders before they become a nuisance on your property. Remember, one spider can quickly turn into hundreds. Don’t let the cobweb problem turn into a spider infestation. Get out there and remove those cobwebs today. 

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How to Get Clean Rain Gutters

It’s not raining yet, but it’s never too early to start preparing for the winter rains. One thing to think about is your rain gutters. While the leaves lining your rain gutters may not be a problem now, they can cause problems later.  Debris such as leaves and asphalt single grit not only clog your gutters, but also causes them to bend under the weight of too much water. This will eventually cause the rain gutter to pull away from the fascia boards. 

Don’t let a small overflow of leaves lead to an expensive and annoying home improvement issue. Now is the time to get your rain gutters cleaned! If you’re cleaning your rain gutters yourself, there’s a few key steps to follow. These will not only guarantee a clean rain gutter, but also will protect your home from other problems. Follow these steps if you’re a do-it-yourselfer:

    • Disconnect the downspouts from the drainage system if they are connected. This will help avoid the debris from clogging your properties drainage system.
    • Start by getting on the roof with a hose to rinse off the roof prior to cleaning. The first rain of the year moves debris on the roof into gutters, so this will help lessen the debris that rain gathers. You can also use a leaf blower, just make sure to wear eye protection and a mask to avoid dust.
    • Next, work your way along the edge where the gutter is attached and pull out what you can with a gloved hand. Put all debris in a trash bag.
    • Reattach the downspouts and clean any debris off the ground.


If you’re not a do-it-yourself, know you can always call Blue Ocean Window Cleaning. We offer a variety of services, specifically gutter cleaning, to help you prepare your home for winter. Call us today to get those gutters clean!

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An Insight Into Pressure Washing

We’re all familiar with pressure washing but do you know exactly what should be consistently pressure washed? Today, pressure washing can be used to clean a lot more than clean the driveway. Here are a few areas you may not have realized can benefit from pressure washing: 

  • House roof, especially prior to gutter cleaning
  • House sides, especially prior to the window cleaning
  • Trash can enclosure and the trash cans
  • Garage floor
  • Stair areas outside
  • Roof top decks
  • Gutter undersides and fascia boards supporting the gutters
  • Post construction initial cleaning

Caution is necessary when using a pressure washing system. Different nozzles are used for different applications. One nozzle may be needed to cut gum loose from the concrete and another for simple a good rinse of the side of a house. Caution: Use the wrong tip on the wand and you may mar a surface or remove the paint where it wasn’t intended. There are attachments that can be added, like an injector that mixes liquid cleaner with the water, a long extendable pole that allows one to reach at least 2 stories up, and some units can give you hot water to the job site. Be aware too of the fact that you may need to reclaim the water that will be used in the system.  California law requires that the water go into a landscape or be collected and then put into a landscape. The water should not go into the drainage system tied to the city’s drainage system.  Fines will be assessed if you are caught doing such. This challenge will necessitate a wet/dry vacuum to collect the runoff so it can be moved to a landscaped area.

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Screen Inspection & Repair

Winter is the perfect time to take a look at your screens, both window and door, around your home. Are the screen doors in good shape or have the pets or kiddos bumped into them enough times that the screen material (fiberglass) is now loose or has some holes/tears in it? Are the doors sliding on the track like new or does it take two hands to get the sliding screen door to move where you want it? This is the time to get them squared away because the windows and doors likely won’t be opened as much as in the summertime.

There are a number of options to deal with this situation:

  • Call us and we will come do an evaluation of the screens, provide an estimate if that is in order, transport the screens to our shop and do the repairs (or build new screens), and return them and put the screens in their window frames. At times we can do some simple remeshing of windows and doors screens at your home. A table and tools can be brought to the site and do the repairs on the property. We can order new sliding screen doors and install them once they are built. We usually do screen repairs while already on site doing window cleaning and this keeps costs down. Others do mobile screen repair but not the window cleaning and that lack of coordination will cost you because of the inefficiency.
  • You can take the screens to a local hardware store.  That may involve tools and know how that you don’t have.  You may need a ladder (watch the electrical wires overhead if any), pliers, screwdriver, wd-40, and expertise in removing some types of screens. Once you have them in hand
    • load and transport them to the screen repair shop
    • get a quote for the repairs
    • plan on several days before they are returned
    • travel back home
    • wait for some days
    • travel back to the repair place
    • pay for the service
    • load and transport the screens home
    • unload, locate the window that each screen goes to, reinstall them and secure them.
    • Do you have the necessary clips to secure the screen?
    • put the ladder and tools away
    • Wait…do some of them not fit properly? Did they make them in the wrong color? Repeat the above steps!

We have the various sizes of metal framing, sizes of fiberglass, thickness of fiberglass, various colors of the framing, the clips and attaching parts that hold the screen in place, tools to build or remesh, tools to install latching devices and spreader bars, and some good old “know how.”  We can evaluate your situation at no charge, provide a free estimate, build from scratch, remesh window screens or sliding screen doors, work on site or away, and order and install new doors if needed.

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