Cobwebs aren’t just unsightly, they can quickly be a large-scale problem. Whether it’s one spider or hundreds of baby spiders, they can quickly call your window eaves, window frames and doorways home. And don’t be fooled, these problems don’t stay outside. Open windows, torn screens, open doors, vents and more can be an invitation for a spider to come inside and weave their web. Don’t let your property become a home for spiders, take care of those cobwebs! 

Follow these steps for a clean and simple cobweb removal: 

  • Purchase an extension pole and a web removal at any big box store to remove the cobwebs. You can also use a long handled broom, too.
  • Go around your property and knock down any webs you see. Be sure to pay attention to the underside of your roof and window frames, as spiders tend to favorite these areas.
  • Keep your eye around areas of your property for the next week or so, and knock down any cobwebs that reappear.
  • You can also use the extension pole and web removal inside to get to any hard to reach cobwebs. Search for angled areas, like the corner of your ceiling.

​Take care of those spiders before they become a nuisance on your property. Remember, one spider can quickly turn into hundreds. Don’t let the cobweb problem turn into a spider infestation. Get out there and remove those cobwebs today.