Blue Ocean Window Cleaning: Services We Provide

Blue Ocean Window Cleaning provides a variety of services to keep your home and business looking clean and polished.

Gutter cleaning

Solar panel cleaning

Roof washing to remove dirt and debris

Interior/Exterior window cleaning

Window track deep cleaning

Mirror cleaning

Light fixture cleaning

Blind cleaning

Pressure washing for driveways, patios, residential and commercial exteriors

Construction clean up

Bird barrier product installation

Repair or replace window and/or door screens

Complete Screen Door Replacement

Lubrication of mechanical parts/hinges

Why Choose Blue Ocean

We are Expert Cleaners

Cleaning of interior and exterior elements is critical because it reduces the corrosive effects of dirt, moisture, and contaminants. Regular cleaning will also reduce the number of insects and spiders inside your home and workplace.​

We're Professionals

Knowledge of the proper cleaners and professional equipment keeps everyone safe. Professionals know how to move around on delicate roof surfaces and how to clean solar panels without the threat of electrocution.

We Take the Extra Step

Professionals will use drop cloths, shoe covers and bring an awareness of floors and walls vulnerable to dripping.

13 Years of Experience

Licensed and Insured

One Call Away

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No Obligation Quote

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Service You Can Count On

Work With Professionals

Knowledge of the proper cleaners and professional equipment keeps everyone safe. Professionals know how to work in your individual setting with out putting anyone in danger.

Ideal Cleaning Methods

Blue Ocean Window Cleaning use standard cleaning procedures that ensures a quality finished product every time.

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