San Diego Pigeon Proofing and Prevention

The first step in San Diego pigeon proofing & bird prevention is identifying their preferred areas. Pigeons and most common birds prefer to nest on ledges, rooftops, window sills, and other sheltered areas. Once you have identified the areas where they are commonly found, you can take steps to prevent them from nesting there. If you can’t find where the birds are nesting, look for bird droppings, that is one tell tale sign that birds are resting or nesting there.

The most effective way to prevent birds and pigeons from nesting is to exclude them from the area. You can do this by installing a net or wire mesh over the area they are trying to access.

Birds and pigeons wreak havoc on buildings, cars, and other property in major cities across the US including San Diego. We can help you prevent pigeons and birds from nesting and damaging your property. Contact us for a free quote.

Why Remove Birds and Pigeons?

Pigeons and Birds Carry Diseases

Many birds carry transmittable diseases and parasites. Having birds and pigeons live on your property can be harmful to you and your family.

Birds can Damage to Property

Bird droppings can strip the paint off buildings and cars. Bird nests can clog gutters and block chimneys and ventilation systems.

Birds Harass and Attack People

Birds may attack you if they have a nest nearby.  They are simply protecting their brood but it can be a nuisance and may become a danger.

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