San Diego Bird Barriers & Solar Skirts

Do you have a problem with birds, rodents, and leaves getting under your solar panels? Stop the problem before it starts with a solar skirt or solar panel bird barriers. Give us a call today to discuss the best option for your home!

If you are finding that there are rodents beginning to nest under your panels and noticing more bird droppings on your roof or live in a rural area and your house is surrounded by trees, you could significantly benefit from installing a system to protect your investment.

Small rodents and birds often use the space to create their nests; the size of the panels keeps them dry and protected from the elements whilst the heat generated creates a warm and cozy environment. When these creatures move in, it can create a lot of mess on your roof as well as being increasingly smelly and noisy. On top of that, the longer they remain living there, the higher the chances of serious damage to your solar panels. Stop the problem before it starts with San Diego solar panel bird barriers.

On the other hand, small rodents, such as squirrels and mice, can cause real damage to the panels and their overall function. Rodents love to chew away at the wiring and insulation underneath the panels, with some homeowners seeing entire panels destroyed after an infestation. The longer these rodents have to chew away at the wires, the more open wires that are left exposed and the bigger the problem you will be facing; with exposed wires known to be a significant fire risk.

There are several ways to protect against these risks however and installing a Solar Panel Skirting around the edge of your installation will prevent animals from nesting underneath. Made from tough metal, these guards feature small mesh holes that prevent animals from crawling through and nesting, whilst still allowing for maximum airflow. This mesh also prevents debris from building up underneath the panels, preventing a potential fire risk.

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Why Use Solar Panel Bird Barriers?

Maximize Energy Production

To work at maximum efficiency, your solar panels need to have a good level of airflow underneath them; keeping them cool and helping them to work to produce the most amount of energy possible. Bird barriers will keep away birds and rodents (and their nests) the so space underneath the panels is clear.

Avoid Fire Hazards

Leaves, nesting materials, and other flammable debris that build up under the solar panels create a significant fire risk. A bird barrier will minimize this problem by deterring birds and rodents.