Winter is the perfect time to take a look at your screens, both window and door, around your home. Are the screen doors in good shape or have the pets or kiddos bumped into them enough times that the screen material (fiberglass) is now loose or has some holes/tears in it? Are the doors sliding on the track like new or does it take two hands to get the sliding screen door to move where you want it? This is the time to get them squared away because the windows and doors likely won’t be opened as much as in the summertime.

There are a number of options to deal with this situation:

  • Call us and we will come do an evaluation of the screens, provide an estimate if that is in order, transport the screens to our shop and do the repairs (or build new screens), and return them and put the screens in their window frames. At times we can do some simple remeshing of windows and doors screens at your home. A table and tools can be brought to the site and do the repairs on the property. We can order new sliding screen doors and install them once they are built. We usually do screen repairs while already on site doing window cleaning and this keeps costs down. Others do mobile screen repair but not the window cleaning and that lack of coordination will cost you because of the inefficiency.
  • You can take the screens to a local hardware store.  That may involve tools and know how that you don’t have.  You may need a ladder (watch the electrical wires overhead if any), pliers, screwdriver, wd-40, and expertise in removing some types of screens. Once you have them in hand
    • load and transport them to the screen repair shop
    • get a quote for the repairs
    • plan on several days before they are returned
    • travel back home
    • wait for some days
    • travel back to the repair place
    • pay for the service
    • load and transport the screens home
    • unload, locate the window that each screen goes to, reinstall them and secure them.
    • Do you have the necessary clips to secure the screen?
    • put the ladder and tools away
    • Wait…do some of them not fit properly? Did they make them in the wrong color? Repeat the above steps!

We have the various sizes of metal framing, sizes of fiberglass, thickness of fiberglass, various colors of the framing, the clips and attaching parts that hold the screen in place, tools to build or remesh, tools to install latching devices and spreader bars, and some good old “know how.”  We can evaluate your situation at no charge, provide a free estimate, build from scratch, remesh window screens or sliding screen doors, work on site or away, and order and install new doors if needed.