I was a landscape contractor for 20+ years before returning to the window cleaning business. I learned a few things in that time, much of it what NOT TO DO.  What needs to happen for a measure of success running a small business is outlined simply below.

  • Settle in for the long haul and plan & implement with the “long haul” in mind.
  • Determine to authentically carry yourself and present yourself as a “Professional,” and then deliver that.
  • Be prepared to stand behind your product even to your “loss.” Promise and Deliver-Keep your word!
  • Network and find marketing strategies that are effective. Keep accurate statistics on everything!
  • Carry the insurance and employee work comp coverage required by law-operate in compliance.
  • Look until you find the best people you can hire and then turn them loose
  • Understand that people would rather pay a bit more and feel great about the finished product than save a few dollars and feel they didn’t get the best service possible.