We’re all familiar with pressure washing but do you know exactly what should be consistently pressure washed? Today, pressure washing can be used to clean a lot more than clean the driveway. Here are a few areas you may not have realized can benefit from pressure washing: 

  • House roof, especially prior to gutter cleaning
  • House sides, especially prior to the window cleaning
  • Trash can enclosure and the trash cans
  • Garage floor
  • Stair areas outside
  • Roof top decks
  • Gutter undersides and fascia boards supporting the gutters
  • Post construction initial cleaning

Caution is necessary when using a pressure washing system. Different nozzles are used for different applications. One nozzle may be needed to cut gum loose from the concrete and another for simple a good rinse of the side of a house. Caution: Use the wrong tip on the wand and you may mar a surface or remove the paint where it wasn’t intended. There are attachments that can be added, like an injector that mixes liquid cleaner with the water, a long extendable pole that allows one to reach at least 2 stories up, and some units can give you hot water to the job site. Be aware too of the fact that you may need to reclaim the water that will be used in the system.  California law requires that the water go into a landscape or be collected and then put into a landscape. The water should not go into the drainage system tied to the city’s drainage system.  Fines will be assessed if you are caught doing such. This challenge will necessitate a wet/dry vacuum to collect the runoff so it can be moved to a landscaped area.