San Diego Skylight Cleaning Services

San Diego skylight cleaning can be a daunting task because skylights are high on your ceiling/roof. In addition, skylights are typically made of acrylic or laminated safety glass. Which cleaning products should you use? That’s where Blue Ocean Window Cleaning can help. We are experts with many years of experience in window and skylight cleaning. By cleaning your windows and skylights regularly, you will allow natural light to enter your home or business.  And, regular cleaning, maintenance, and repair will prevent major damage and costly repairs before it happens.

San Diego Skylight Cleaning Tips and Advice

Use Appropriate Cleaning Agents

Acrylic, polycarbonate, and other plastics need to be cleaned with the appropriate reagents so they don’t damage the skylight.  If in doubt, use soapy water or a mix of vinegar and water.

Safety is Paramount

Skylights are usually installed on the ceiling making them difficult to clean.  Our professionals are experts in this type of work and have many years of experience.

Inside and Outside Washing

To have a beautiful skylight, it must be washed on the inside and outside. We can do that with our wide range of equipment and safe cleaning agents.

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Use a Professional

Knowledge of the proper cleaners and professional equipment keeps everyone safe. Professionals know how to move around on delicate roof surfaces and how to clean skylights without the threat of falling.

Ideal Cleaning Method

Avoid hosing down your skylight with tap water. Tap water leaves mineral deposits and blocks sunlight just like dirt. An ideal solution is to use deionized water to rinse skylights after cleaning

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