San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning

The build-up of dirt and mineral deposits on your solar panels can reduce their effectiveness by up to 20%. Our professionals at Blue Ocean Window Cleaning have all of the proper equipment and techniques to clean your panels properly. Thorough San Diego solar panel cleaning every six months keeps them working at their peak performance.

Why Clean Solar Panels?

Increase Efficiency

You can lose as much as 20% efficiency if your solar panels are dirty. We use deionized water that doesn’t leave behind mineral deposits like regular tap water. Cleaning panels thoroughly every 6 months will keep them working at their peak performance.

Reduce the corrosive effects

Solar Panel Cleaning is Critical. Solar panel cleaning reduces the corrosive effects of dirt, moisture, and contaminants.

Maximize Electrical Output

Keeping solar panels free of soil and bird droppings is key to getting the maximum benefit from your panels. Half of the production of electricity can be lost due to soil buildup.

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San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Use a Professional

Knowledge of the proper cleaners and professional equipment keeps everyone safe. Professionals know how to move around on delicate roof surfaces and how to clean solar panels without the threat of electrocution.

Ideal Cleaning Method

Avoid hosing down your solar panels with tap water. Tap water leaves mineral deposits on the panels and blocks sunlight just like dirt. Using deionized water with a solar panel cleaner is ideal. 

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