It’s not raining yet, but it’s never too early to start preparing for the winter rains. One thing to think about is your rain gutters. While the leaves lining your rain gutters may not be a problem now, they can cause problems later.  Debris such as leaves and asphalt single grit not only clog your gutters, but also causes them to bend under the weight of too much water. This will eventually cause the rain gutter to pull away from the fascia boards. 

Don’t let a small overflow of leaves lead to an expensive and annoying home improvement issue. Now is the time to get your rain gutters cleaned! If you’re cleaning your rain gutters yourself, there’s a few key steps to follow. These will not only guarantee a clean rain gutter, but also will protect your home from other problems. Follow these steps if you’re a do-it-yourselfer:

    • Disconnect the downspouts from the drainage system if they are connected. This will help avoid the debris from clogging your properties drainage system.
    • Start by getting on the roof with a hose to rinse off the roof prior to cleaning. The first rain of the year moves debris on the roof into gutters, so this will help lessen the debris that rain gathers. You can also use a leaf blower, just make sure to wear eye protection and a mask to avoid dust.
    • Next, work your way along the edge where the gutter is attached and pull out what you can with a gloved hand. Put all debris in a trash bag.
    • Reattach the downspouts and clean any debris off the ground.


If you’re not a do-it-yourself, know you can always call Blue Ocean Window Cleaning. We offer a variety of services, specifically gutter cleaning, to help you prepare your home for winter. Call us today to get those gutters clean!