I recently had a lady say “I hear you’re ‘pricey’… can you tell me why?” I was a bit surprised, even taken aback, but I took a moment, thought about “why?” and then made these points with her.

  1. We deliver!  We have a byword “We promise and we deliver”  We do all we can to be people, a company, that keep it’s word and it’s word is it’s bond.
  2. We stand behind the work we do.  If we break something, miss something, fail to perform in any way that is in fact a falling short on our part…we make it right, even to our loss.
  3. Fair wages for the Team Members.  To get people who will stay for years they have to be compensated, treated fairly, have opportunities for growth, and work in an environment where morale is high.  We pay well because our Team Member produce, and they produce while maintaining very high standards.  We get 5 star ratings on nearly every job and that won’t happen with poorly paid inexperienced Team Members.  They have to be paid a fair wage or they go elsewhere and turnover costs can be significant in this business. Experience matters to our customers.  They can rest easy and have confidence when they sense experience and see vehicles and equipment consistent with a professional operation.
  4. Safety is emphasized and it costs to stress safety and abide by the law in regard to safe operations. This emphasis protects the Team Member, our companies viability, and your interests.
  5. Responsiveness:  Another byword for us is “Responsive and Responsible.”  It takes planning and resources to live up to this commitment.  We are known for being problem solvers, the “go to guys” when someone needs action on a project.  Again, It takes planning and resources to live up to this commitment.
  6. We are kind of “old school.”  We use modern technology and equipment but bring a mentality to our customers that puts customer service and satisfaction ahead of profit.  That approach makes us a little “pricey” sometimes. But, like I’ve said many times, “I have learned that people would rather pay a bit more and feel great about the finished product than save a few dollars and feel they didn’t get good value.”

Thanks for reading. ☺